Musica Sacra (MOOzika SAHkra) is envisioned over time as a flexible collective that will include not only choral and instrumental musicians, but also artists, educators, and performers from a variety of disciplines. Program content and performance style will strive to recognize and reinforce key human values as expressed in word, image, and music, across multiple historical periods and genres.

Musica Sacra will function as both producer and presenter. Programming may on occasion include existing or newly created works of other individual performers or ensembles that align with the goals of this ongoing project.


Singers with significant musical training and choral experience are invited to audition during March for the project’s June 2020 inaugural program. Choral music will be the core of this project’s repertoire. The inaugural program will include a chorus of 24, percussion, and organ, and will seek to respond to the perceived human needs of this particular time in history through music and texts exploring the concepts of leadership and responsibility.

This project intends to reinforce and complement the work of the many fine performing organizations that already exist in Milwaukee, by adding unique opportunities for both performers and audiences. To accomplish this, both the scheduling and the content of project programs will avoid duplication and conflicts as much as possible.

Rehearsals will ordinarily be concentrated within a period of three weeks or less. Although a continuing core group of performers may develop, the intent is to gather, as each program requires, a flexible collective of performers that can commit to specific performance opportunities. Professional performers will be compensated for their participation in these programs.

The inaugural program will include music composed by Avshalomov, Brahms, Bryars, Hampton, Joubert, Pinkham, Schütz, Thompson, and Wyton, along with texts from the Declaration of Independence, the Koran, Scripture, the Talmud, and by William Blake, e e cummings, John Donne, Pico della Mirandola, and Chief Joseph Strongwolf.

TO SCHEDULE AN AUDITION, EXPRESS FUTURE INTEREST, OR ASK A QUESTION, please print out and complete the Audition Request Form and return it by email to or by mail to Musica Sacra, 1300 N Prospect Avenue, #404, Milwaukee, WI 53202.