About the Logo

The logo references the design of a stained glass Rose Window, with multiple elements creating a cohesive whole. It also recalls the Sun, bringing vibrance and clarity as it energizes the strength of each element, and magnifies the power of the whole.

“Musica” represents the variety of ways in which individuals and societies communicate their values and aspirations, through word, image, and music.

“Sacra” reaches beyond narrow constructions of what is holy, to explore the range of circumstances and experiences that shape our interactions with each other and with our God.

Musica Sacra aspires to respond to the human thirst for truth and beauty by venturing “Beyond Belief”:  1) through the quality and content of its programming; 2) through exploration of the richness and variety of human experience that reaches beyond specific beliefs; and 3) through a deepening recognition of the range of human potential.