Musica Sacra

Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief

Exploring the role of the sacred in the rich diversity of human experience, through word, image, and music.

Musica Sacra (MOOzika SAHkra) is an ongoing collaborative project that seeks to increase the range of cultural experiences for both audiences and performers through presentations exploring the arts, world religions, and cultural diversity, with programs focusing on a wide range of human concerns, reflecting an expansive interpretation of “sacred.”

Musica Sacra is managed by Musica Sacra LLC, founded in December 2019 by Executive and Artistic Director Charles Q. Sullivan. The aspirational goal of this project is to gather a flexible collective of individual and ensemble choral and instrumental musicians, artists, writers, educators, and others, to create these varied programs.

Musica Sacra’s collaborative relationship with Milwaukee’s Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist provides an ideal setting for the project’s major programs, and supports the Cathedral’s mission to serve as a beacon of faith, an advocate for the marginalized, and a patron of the arts.

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